Day 155 – eek! I married a geek (but it’s kinda fun)

Today’s “first” dates back to our trip to England earlier this year, when we went to the pub with one of C.’s best friends and they got talking about their school days and a game they used to play back then: Magic. The Gathering. I sat there, trying to get what they were on about but understanding not much more than that I’d married a geek. Until one of them uttered a sentence that did catch my attention…

“Yeah, some of these cards are worth thousands of pounds now.” That’s when I got involved, starting to ask C. if he still had his cards and whether we should pick them up from bis parents’ attic while we were there.

So the next day, he successfully looked for them and we found a website that tells you what each card is worth. Well, his best card was worth something like 50p or so. He therefore suggested that rather than sell them, he could teach me how to play as one of my “firsts”. I successfully prevented that from actually happening until today, when I got back from a long day demonstrating against the G7 summit (with my dad and my son – how cool is that?) followed by a barbecue with friends and realized I’d completely forgotten to sort out a “first” for today.

C. looked at me cheekily and I knew what he was about to say: “We could play Magic!”

As I couldn’t for the life of me think of another emergency “first” to do at ten in the evening (even I wasn’t going to randomly start cooking at that time) and as it seemed a good opportunity to finally have a foodless blog post, I agreed.


I’ll spare you the details of how the game is played (mainly because I’m still  not sure exactly how it is played). I spent the first five minutes laughing at C. for saying things like “So we’re both wizards casting spells at each other” and “Obviously my elve will kill your orc” or whatever. I then spent the next five minutes marvelling at how much I love C.’s hands. But then it hit me. I’d scored the first couple of points, picked up a few good cards and gotten a very rough idea of what was going on. And suddenly I was having fun, thinking how enjoyable this must be once you truly get the hang of it.

So let’s face it, C. also married a geek.


3 thoughts on “Day 155 – eek! I married a geek (but it’s kinda fun)

  1. If you married a geek, I dated one. I too was dragged into playing Magic. The Gathering – is that how you write it? The other half & I divided the cards by colours (he read somewhere that green & red go together & black goes with blue or something) and created a ‘pack’ each to play with. I chose green ’cause it’s a pretty colour & I liked the pictures. As it happens they were quite a good set of cards to be playing with and I did learn to enjoy the game after winning a few rounds!


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