Day 156 – pretty self-sufficient

After my very different “first” yesterday, I thought it was fair enough to return to a drink-related one today. As promised, however, tomorrow’s will once again be an activity that has nothing to do with food or drink.

Anyhow, today I bottled the elderflower syrup I’d started when I made the elderflower pancakes on Wednesday. It’s the first ever elderflower syrup I made myself. I don’t know why I never did this before, really. It’s neither complicated nor that much work but it tastes so much better than the stuff from the shop.

Once I’d filled it all into pretty little bottles, I decided we should give it a try straight away. So I made us a nice, summery drink from elderflower syrup, strawberry ice cubes, peppermint leaves and fizzy water. The strawberry ice cubes are also a “first” for me. All I did was puree some leftover strawberries and freeze them in an ice-cube tray. The brilliant effect they had was that the drink started tasting more and more of strawberries as they melted. Next time we have guests I’ll definitely be serving the adult version of this:

Pour two fingers high of elderflower syrup into a nice glass. Add two ice cubes of frozen strawberry puree and four to five peppermint leaves. Fill up with prosecco and serve immediately.

You know what the best thing is? Not long now until I should be able to harvest the first few strawberries from my balcony “plantation”. So then I’ll be serving the drink with ice cubes from homegrown strawberries and home-made elderflower syrup from flowers I picked myself. The peppermint is also straight from the balcony, of course. And all this in the city! I’d probably have a cow and some chickens by now if I was living in the countryside…





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