Day 156 – of fleas and men

Today’s “first” meant I had to get up at 4:15 am. It’s not often that I leave the house before sunrise (well, not in the summer, anyway). I felt excited, as if I was going on holiday, half expecting my dad to appear with a sugary donut from an old man’s stall, like he would in my childhood when we got off a ferry in Greece at four or five in the morning.

As I drove past a group of twenty-somethings obviously on their way home from a night out, I thought how much I love this time when the last ones to go to bed and the first ones to be up cross ways. How strange, though, to be among the first ones up rather than stumbling home with a kebab in one hand and my shoes in the other. I guess this is another sign I’m becoming an adult.

I was going to a large flee market in Munich’s Olympic Park to sell some of our old stuff. It was my first time at this particular flee market and generally my first time at a proper big one like that. So far, I’d only ever sold stuff at our local yard sale.

I must admit, it was a bit disappointing. Rather than the curious people I knew from the yard sales, who just stroll around and look and buy things they didn’t know they wanted, the majority of buyers today were treasure hunters seeking for bargains and valuables. I had one guy showing me an Amazon listing of a book I was selling to show me that my price was too high. Come on, if you’re gonna go to a flee market, enjoy yourself, have a bit of fun and discover little things that make you smile.

I normally love the bartering at markets but the buyers today would just look at us with a mix of pity and disgust if they thought our prices were too high. I literally had people drop beautiful baby clothes back down as if they were on fire because I’d had the cheek of asking for more than fifty cents for them… This isn’t how I enjoy a flee market. Nonetheless, there’s a little more space in our cellar now and at least I didn’t make a loss once the fees for parking and our stall had been paid. I think I’ll be going elsewhere next time though.


And now for something completely different: I’ve started thinking about what to do with my blog next year. That’s why I’d really appreciate it if you could spare a minute and answer my poll as to what you’d like to read about in 2016. Thank you so much!

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