Day 157 – location isn’t all in this case

Today was another gorgeous summer’s day and we decided to make the most of it by going out for lunch before taking the little man for a walk.

Zar a restaurant and beergarden that I’d heard many good things about and finally wanted to try out. The location of it is not exactly idyllic, on a kind of large island in the middle of a big road. But the design of it is so clever that you don’t really notice once you’re there.

The beergarden as well as the inside are quite pretty, the service was immaculate and the food very good. It’s a typical menu for that kind of place, with the food ranging from salads and small Bavarian dishes to baked potatoes and burgers. Some nice little twists on meals though and really a selection wide enough to ensure that everyone will find something they like.

I had the baked potato and C. opted for a Bavarian burger filled with roast sausages which looked very appetizing indeed. We were both more than happy with our respective choices.

So if you ever find yourself hungry or thirsty in or around Ramersdorf, Zar is the place to go!


Reminder: if you haven’t yet done so, please answer my poll about next year’s blog. Thank you so much. 🙂


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