Day 158 – colourblind smoothie

Today, I finally “bit the sour apple“, as we say in German (which means doing something unpleasant that’s just gotta be done): as I promised a while ago, I had a slightly less fruity smoothie today. The “first” about it is the really weird ingredient it had in it…
And that was chlorella, a type of algae that apparently was the first type of plant to ever exist on this planet. Now if that isn’t an impressive “first” then I don’t know what is…

To be fair, drinking it wasn’t quite as impressive. I can’t say I now know what  chlorella tastes like. But apparently it’s high in protein, super healthy and just generally amazing. The smoothie contained apple, rake, mango, pear and mint in addition to the chlorella and it wasn’t my thing in terms of flavour. The mint was just too intense – or rather tasted too intensely of dried stuff. As if I’d accidentally swallowed a peppermint tea bag… And anyhow, the whole rake thing would make more sense in a savory drink if you ask me.

What was even more disappointing is that it’s actually only the bottle that’s a nice, bright  green. The smoothie itself was a brownish green reminiscent of newborn poo if you forgive the comparison. Not exactly appetizing… Although I wouldn’t have minded it if I hadn’t bought it as a specifically green one.

So once again, I think I’ll give a green smoothie another try some other time. I’m thinking kale, cucumber, celeriac and basil.



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