Day 159 – the game of life

Woah, today’s “first” hasn’t quite sunk in yet. We attended our first parents’ evening at the childcare place that F. will be attending from Autumn onwards. How freaky. I still can’t quite believe that I am actually a mum now, yet there we were, discussing holiday times, parents’ representatives duty and other things like that.

Finishing school, my first day at work, the day I woke up a married woman, the day we brought F. home from the hospital and now this – I would say these have been the truly big steps in my life so far. And in each case, I always had this feeling that it was only a game, that I was only playing house, pretending to be an adult, acting out an office scene,…

I wonder if this will ever stop. Will I ever be able to truly grasp the fact that I’m now an adult, responsible not only for myself but for a family? And do others feel the same or can they accept these huge changes? Or is it just that I’m so happy with these things that they feel like a game because I can’t believe they are real?

One way or another, I really enjoy this adventure and can’t wait for the rest of it…


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