Day 162 – an orange affair

C. and I walked past the “walk-in cookbook” that I blogged about before and he said he’d like to go inside and see it for himself. I immediately thought there might be a “first” in it for me, so in we went.

We looked at all the stalls and eventually decided on a fantastic-sounding soup: tomato and mango with lemon thyme cream! It sounds crazy at first but I thought it could work quite well (spoiler alert: and so it did!). The friendly and helpful guy at the till made F.’s day by giving him a huge red balloon so that all three of us had a great experience…


I’d never even heard of lemon thyme before so I was curious to see what it tastes like and tried a few leaves as I was preparing the cream. Well, I could have guessed: it tasted of lemon and thyme. Lemon more in the way that lemon balm tastes of – or rather resembles – lemons. Perhaps I’d have preferred to use normal thyme and a bit of lemon juice, at least in the summer. The lemon aroma of the thyme was ever so slightly musty, whereas lemon juice would have added a nice freshness.

The soup tasted absolutely lovely – not quite like tomato soup but not too sweet from the mango either. The cream added a nice second element and if you didn’t stir it in completely, every spoonful tasted a bit different, depending on the soup/cream ratio. Brilliant!

This soup is definitely being added to my repertoire. It’s easy and quick to make, fills you up nicely and looks as great as it tastes. I’m glad we went into Kochhaus again and I’ll be back soon.

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