Day 163 – sandy pants

F. and I had our first playground date today. I was well excited, picturing myself stopping the little man from eating too much sand, him digging around wildly and curiously watching the other children.
Well, that’s almost what happened. To be fair, when I sat F. down in the sand, he didn’t have a panic attack like he did when we first sat him on the lawn. But he wasn’t too fussed, either. The plastic toys brought by his little friend were much more interesting to him than the sand itself. He did enjoy watching the other kids though and I could have sworn there was a hint of longing in his eyes when he saw them all running around, climbing and sliding.

After a while, we decided to have a go on the swings. He sat on my lap, laughing his head off and absolutely loving it. That bell-like sound of a little child’s laugh is just the most beautiful sound ever. And when it’s your own child and you know you’re making him laugh like that, then it really is priceless. I would give everything to hear him happy like that. Luckily, in this case, all it took was me feeling pretty sick after a long time on the swings. Another thing that never used to happen to me when I was younger.

So while my first time in the sandbox with F. wasn’t too spectacular (I’m sure we’ll get there), the time on the playground was lovely nonetheless. Summer, here we come!


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