Day 165 – two “firsts” make a dinner

It’s been a long and busy day so once again, I have opted for a cooking “first”. However, as these always seem like a bit of a cop-out  (I distinctly remember C. saying when I first started this in January that he thought I should only do one cooking “first”… well, I almost stuck to that), I decided to at least try two food-related “firsts”: a main course and a dessert. Don’t get used to it though, next time we might be back to just the one course.
For our main course, we had a Vietnamese rice noodle dish: they were fried with spices and vegetables, then covered in marinade and salad and topped with prawns and peanuts. Yummy! And somehow you don’t feel too bad about eating noodles if you hide them under heap of salad…

For dessert, I finally got round to my idea of a sweet summer roll, as I have been planning to make since my savoury summer rolls. So, in order to keep it healthy and make the most of all the fresh fruit out there at the moment, I chopped up a load of strawberries and wrapped them in rice paper with a little bit of peppermint (the combination of strawberries and peppermint worked so well with my elderflower drink the other day that I thought it nice to revive it today) and just a teaspoon of high-quality chocolate sauce. It looked quite interesting and tasted really good.

Next time, I’ll pour the chocolate sauce (or freshly melted dark chocolate) over the summer roll rather than putting it inside though. That way, I assume the chocolate flavour will be a bit more distinctive. But my experiment of dessert wrapped in rice paper was definitely a success. Oh, I do love it when creativity in the kitchen pays off.



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