Day 167 – like old times

I went to a pretty nice Thai restaurant for the first time today. However, while that is my “first” for the day, it’s not what this blog is about…
Rather, I’d like to pick up on yesterday’s post. The first night without breastfeeding was great. I only woke up once and went straight back to sleep. It must have been a year since I last slept so soundly…

It’s still weird, having severed this extremely close bond with my little man. He’ll never be this close to me again. But he’ll still be coming for lots of cuddles when he’s tired, sad or just in the mood. So I suppose the hardest 24 hours are behind us now. F. has been an absolute star, accepting the bottle no problem and letting C. rock him back to sleep whenever he woke up.

To truly celebrate my new freedomĀ  (and make the most of yet another good night’s sleep), I got a little bit tipsy today. While it’s still no consolation to missing my little bubs, it did feel amazing, going out till one in the morning and having a text from C. asking me to be quiet so as not to wake them up when I come in. Being a mum is my favourite job and pastime ever, but I did enjoy a night off tonight. It’s only been my fourth night off since F. was born, so I truly appreciate it. Might just have to sneak in for a cheeky cuddle on my way to bed now though. Or maybe I really will let the two boys sleep.

I’m looking forward to Friday when I’ll be back sleeping in the same room as them.


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