Day 168 – local politics

I went to a borough council meeting for the first time today. The major part of these meetings is public so anyone can attend. Unfortunately, F. got cranky after an hour and a half or so and we didn’t get to stay for the whole thing.

But what I saw was really interesting. The topics to be discussed were all very local, of course, and I was fascinated by how much of an insight I got into our neighbourhood. I was also quite impressed with how much I’ve learned about our part of Munich in just two years of living here. Most street and place names mentioned were familiar to me.

I really enjoy getting involved in the community. So many people I know are complaining that they feel like they are helplessly at the mercy of politicians miles away from them. I really can’t disagree more. Everybody has the opportunity to get politically involved. It’s just that many people choose not to.

Ever since I’ve been involved in politics -on however small a scale – I have had this sense of being a part of society rather than just feeling lost inside it. I have learned ways open to me to get help if I need it, be it by petitions, standing for election or writing and talking to people in charge. I hope I will be able to intensify my involvement over time.

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