Day 169 – catching up with modern times

Today’s “first” is simple but I enjoyed it: I read an e-paper for the first time today.
While I found it odd how small the entire page looked on the screen, it was nice to have the individual articles in such a  clear layout once I clicked on them. I also enjoyed the high-resolution photos compared to how they’d look in print.

Other than that, I didn’t notice much of a difference to a traditional – or should I say literal – paper. It’s definitely less paper rubbish, which I think is great. So yeah, if I had the time to read an entire paper every day, then I’d proper go for an e-paper now. However, as I tend to find only little time these days, I think I’ll just stick to the free online articles on various news pages. In fact, that’s another advantage of reading the free things: you can pick and mix what you read where…


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