Day 173 – getting serious

After our parents’ evening a while ago, things started getting serious in terms of F.’s nursery.
Today was the first time he went there to play for a while. The actual daycare won’t start for another few months, but they are offering some meetings in advance, for the kids to get to know each other, the place and the lovely ladies who will be looking after them there.

So today was the first time we watched F. play in the room he will be spending his mornings in from Autumn onwards. He clearly enjoyed himself, checking out the toys, the other babies and all the adults in the room. I’m so glad we’ve got this opportunity of advance meetings, which I am sure will make things easier for all of us when things get serious after the summer holidays.

And once again I’m unable to understand where the months have gone since he was born. At this rate, I will have to go and buy something to wear for his graduation soon.

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