Day 174 – a hairy affair

I tried something for the first time today that I have been intrigued about since I first heard about it as a teenager. Although, to be fair, it has probably advanced a little since then.It’s something pretty simple: dry shampoo. I read that it was the latest craze in some magazine or other a few weeks ago, so I thought the time had come to give it a try. It comes in a can just like hairspray. You brush your hair, then spray it with the shampoo, rub it thoroughly with a towel and then brush it again. That’s all. So esentially the grease in your hair just gets absorbed by the powder, I suppose, while the product’s intense smell fakes that freshly-washed scent.

What you end up with is a hairbrush and a towel covered in white powder, hair that smells pretty intense (and quite fresh) and feels a bit cleaner and less greasy than before. What you don’t get is hair that looks or smells as if it had actually been washed. It may fool other people for a while, but you yourself won’t feel any cleaner than you did before. However, if you are unable to wash your hair (for medical reasons or because you’re stuck in the desert, for example) then this is definitely better than nothing.

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