Day 176 – my personal driver

Today’s “first”, although I’ve been waiting for it for months, still feels completely surreal.
C. has only recently passed is driving test and so today was the first time I was ever his passenger. After many years of me in the driver’s seat and him next to me (or, more recently, in the back seat with F.) it felt completely unreal to be in the passenger seat next to him today.

I was utterly impressed. He’s a careful, focused driver who I absolutely trusted to take F. and me for a ride safely. And I was impressed with myself too. I kept my calm, just giving the odd bit of advice when necessary, but not freaking out or getting overly involved. I even only stepped on the invisible passenger’s brake once.

What a huge “first”! It’s going to make road trips together a lot more relaxed, knowing that there’s a backup driver if one of us can’t drive for whatever reason. It also means C. will be home a lot sooner from work now that he can drive rather than get public transport. I’m so happy right now…


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