Day 180 – from rags to riches (well, kind of)

I’m still buzzing from yesterday’s upcycling success. Anybody who know me will get what this means: I’m developing an addiction. Plus, it’s Upcycling Tuesday today, so all the more reason to give it another go…

So when I read about tarn in an upcycling blog today, I knew I had to give it a go. Tarn, that’s yarn made from old t-shirts. You just cut the shirt into one long strip in a particular way, pull it through your fingers to make it curl and then you’re left with a lovely ball of tarn to turn into anything you can think of (click here for video instructions).


I’m not any good with knitting or crocheting, so all I could think of doing with my tarn for now was braiding. As soon as I get my hands on some more old t-shirts and have a collection of different coloured tarn, I think I’ll try what I’d end up with if I use the old friendship-bracelet knotting technique with tarn.

Anyhow, for today I stuck to braiding. I decided to start off with a headband. So I measured the circumference of my head and cut three strips about twice and a half as long. I then braided them to the right length and knotted the ends together. So that was a perfectly sized headband, which can also be worn as a bracelet, however.


To make it a bit more special, I wrapped some red string around it in one place. Alternatively, beads, rings or shells would look great too, I’m sure. Alternatively, start with a white t-shirt and paint it with fabric colour.

It can also be used as a hairband – the remaining stretchiness of the t-shirt material is perfect for this. So I’ve ended up with a pretty little multipurpose band that only took me about fifteen minutes to make (tarn included). And if, as in my case, you use the old t-shirt of a special someone then you end up with a lovely reminder of that person to always have around you. You could even make a braided friendship ring if you make sure your tarn is pretty thin. The possibilities are endless!


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