Day 190 – Babylonian meditation

I was back on the beach today, once again taking in the endless calm and beauty. The sea was extremely still today, so I tried some skimming… Unfortunately, that’s not one of my fort├Ęs, so it seemed better to think of something else to do with all the beautiful flat stones around me. Continue reading

Day 187 – fear

Slightly delayed post this time, yesterday was a pretty hectic day.

And I could have done without its “first”! We got on a plane early in the morning and I wasn’t feeling to safe anyway when a couple of technicians had to come on board to check some hydraulics light that wasn’t coming on before we were able to take off. (Should you happen to be a pilot: I personally consider it the better tactic not to tell passengers that something was wrong but is ok now – just don’t mention anything being wrong!). I’m not the best flyer anyway, but any deviation from routine can send me over the edge towards panic… And yesterday was the closest I came to panic in a long time – twice!
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