Day 181 – a deliberate and an “accidental” first

The day had ready half passed when I suddenly realized I hadn’t yet planned a “first”. So I kept my eyes open for new things when I was shopping for nappies and babyfood (yep, I’m a mum – the drugstore is one of the sites of adventure in my life at the moment ;-)).

I discovered something I thought I wouldn’t mind trying. It seemed all the more fitting for my challenge as it’s even marketed as “the first ice tea only sweetened with stevia”.

Well, that’s it, really. It’s green tea and lime ice tea and it has that characteristic stevia flavour to it. Not too sweet, which is nice, but not too fruity either, which I didn’t like that much. The stevia got less intense the more I drank though and at only 1 kcal per 100 ml, this definitely makes for a nice change to water and it tastes much better than the ridiculously sweet ice tea you normally find. However, I still prefer some fresh lemon water. It’s just more natural.

After this hurried “first”, we went to a restaurant to have some dinner and enjoy the lovely summer’s evening. The couple next to us also had a pram with them and so we inevitably got chatting about babies, parenting and all sorts of things.

As they were leaving, the woman asked me if I’d like to swap numbers. That’s definitely the first time I ever got the phone number of a woman I just happened to be chatting with in a restaurant. It’s incredible what being parents does to people: suddenly, we feel so connected and glad to have someone to confirm that we’re not alone with our worries and fears that we open up to total strangers and end up meeting people in the street, on the bus or in the doctor’s waiting room…


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