Day 183 – city prices

I went to a new café/ice-cream parlour today. Del Fiore is located in Gärtnerplatz, one of my (and not only my) favourite squares in the centre of Munich. Buzzing with life and people, day and night, it is definitely worth a visit.
The café itself was nice enough, with great service and a lovely view of the greenery in the centre of the square. However, the ice cream was ludicrously expensive (2€ a scoop). And while they had some unusual types of ice cream, it was not special enough to warrant the price, in my humble opinion (although the lemongrass in my mango-lemongrass ice cream was not discernible).

Next time I’m in Gärtnerplatz, I’ll go back to what I used to do in my student days: have something from the supermarket or a drink to go from one of the cafés and then just sit in the grass. Although, to be fair, it was so hot today that it was worth paying for the ice cream just to sit in the shade under their lovely huge parasols…

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