Day 184 – a baked family memory

One of my aunties makes this brilliant cake according to her grandmother’s recipe. I love it because it’s really, really yummy and mainly because it’s amazing to think that it’s not only a childhood memory of mine, but my dad and his dad also used to eat this as kids!
I wanted to surprise my dad, so I asked my auntie for the recipe and made the cake myself today. It simply a sugary yeast dough (based on about 500g of flour). Once it’s risen, you roll it out flat, cover it in melted butter, sugar and cocoa and then roll it up from the side. Then cut the roll into half, “braid” the two pieces (the open bit facing upwards, starting in the middle) and make it into a circle. Pop it in the oven (about 190° C) for a good half hour and serve warm, ideally.

Instead of cocoa, you can use cinnamon, raisins or whatever you fancy. Come to think of it, this (minus the sugar) could also make a lovely herb bread to accompany a barbecue… Oh, how I love versatile recipes!





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