Day 185 – fraudulent cooking 3

I’ve been hearing a lot about cauliflower couscous lately. As I live couscous and cauliflower, it seemed only logical to give this a try.
All you need is cauliflower and a food processor (or, in my case, simply a blender). Blitz little portions of the cauliflower and then steam it in a little water. Add salt, pepper, oil and any herbs you fancy and then serve it instead of real couscous.

I’m quite impressed, actually. We had it with a creamy mushroom sauce and they went really well together. It doesn’t taste like couscous, of course, but the consistency really is rather similar. It doesn’t leave you feeling too full as it’s super low in carbs. The preparation is a bit messy and leaves more cleaning than just preparing some instant couscous, but it’s definitely worth it as a lighter alternative (if you like cauliflower).


Next up is cauliflower mash to replace mashed potatoes. The summer holidays are coming and despite everything I said before, I do have to admit I wouldn’t mind fitting into a bathing costume…

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