Day 186 – Figaro

It’s been so hot the last few days (we almost hit 40° C yesterday!) that I thought I’d do F. the favour of reducing the huge amounts of fluffy hair on his head.
So I wet his hair a little, sat him in his baby chair and wanted to get going.


Unfortunately, sitting in his chair meant only one thing to him: food! Thus, I had to feed him first before I was able to get the scissors on the go.


Once he’d eaten, I started cutting – and didn’t last very long. He was screaming so much it actually made me wonder whether I had a medical sensation on my hands. The first person to actually feel his hair being cut. That did seem unlikely, though, so I decided to just distract him for a while, change his nappy and let him have some water.


When I returned him to his chair after that, he was good as gold and let me cut his hair into a summery boy’s style without further complaints. When we were done, he was rewarded by a bath to get rid of all the hairs everywhere. This is the first time I’ve cut short hair by hand and the first time I’ve cut a baby’s hair and all things considered, I’m quite content with myself. But then it’s not really an achievement making the world’s cutest baby look cute, is it? 😉


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