Day 187 – ॐ मणिपद्मे हूं

Today’s “first” is a bit out there and very unlike me. A book on optimism I’m currently reading suggested it and I thought – why not?
So I sat down in the darkened bedroom and started singing a mantra for the first time ever. So many people I know swear by mantras that I was curious about them anyway.

I picked

ॐ मणिपद्मे हूं
which is transcribed as
Om mani padme hum

and is about the lotus flower. This made it attractive to me, as it was easy to associate with a flower rather than something more spiritual that I have no idea about. Yet, it’s said to be a very popular Buddhist mantra, so it felt more real using this than something random like “alpha beta gamma“, as my book also suggested. Plus, the repeated mmmm in Om mani padme hum vibrates really nicely, which makes you more aware of your body and thus forget about other things as you sing.

I spent about ten minutes repeating the mantra. Although I have to admit it was hard to clear my mind of everything, it still felt good to set aside some time to just sit there in a quiet room, undisturbed, focussing on the inside rather than the outside. I’m not sure I’ll be disciplined enough to keep this going, but I certainly see why mantras appeal to so many people.

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