Day 190 – kalí órexi!

It’s been a lovely evening and we decided to treat ourselves and go out for dinner. The summery weather had made me fancy Greek food, so we tried out a restaurant we hadn’t been to before.

Pallas Athene is located on the edge of Munich’s lovely Ostpark. It’s right next to an ice-skating rink and sort of has the flair of a sports canteen. However, if the service and food are right I don’t mind places like that in the slightest. We sat outside in the evening sun and it was absolutely lovely.

We were served an ouzo each with our drinks straight away – my first one in years. Yummy! The tzatziki was a bit disappointing, but when the main course (calamari, potatoes and veggies) came, all was forgotten. It was fresh and everything was cooked to the point and perfectly seasoned. Some complimentary watermelon to round it off and I got everything I’d craved all day. Now all I hope is for a solution to the Greek crisis to be finally found on the weekend and then I’ll be truly happy. It’s been on my mind so much in recent weeks and months and I beg Europe’s leaders to accept the offer made by Greece this morning. It’s time they see the suffering behind the politics and put an end to it as best they can.



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