Day 192 – foodporn

Foodporn, that word, that hashtag… Food is a beautiful, lovely thing. Porn is filthy and harsh. Why then would anybody put the two words together to present their gorgeous meal with? I cringe every time I read it. And even today, when the food I’m blogging about is so satisfactory that many people would probably consider it #foodporn, even today I’m not going to say it.

Instead, I’ll tell you how great it tasted, how appetizing it looked and how glad I am that we have loads of it left.

“It” – that’s Jamie Oliver’s filled bread, which I finally made for the first time today. I’d been meaning to for years and when we were invited to an impromptu barbeque today, stuffing anything I found in the fridge into some lovely bread dough seemed the ideal solution as to what we could bring.

It’s simply a yeast dough (wholegrain in my case, which made it taste even more interesting), flattened into a huge square, filled with any treats you fancy from ham or fried bacon to olives, onions, cheese (lots of that!) and hard-boiled eggs. It’s then rolled up and formed into a ring and baked for a good 40 minutes. And you end up with a fresh loaf of bread that’s so much more – perfect party or picnic food but also a complete meal if you serve it with a lovely salad…

It’s unhealthy, it’s greasy, it’s high in carbs… in other words, it’s #foodperfection!




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