Day 193 – spread the love

I decided it was time for a more random “first” today. No cooking, no baby stuff, no Munich sights.

So when I saw these lovely free postcards at a bakery, I remembered something I’d been meaning to do for a while now: write a postcard to a complete stranger.

I grabbed four of the cards, wrote a short message on each, wishing the reader a nice day, a lovely summer or something like that, addressed them to “A neighbour” and posted them on four random letterboxes around the neighbourhood.

Instead of a stamp, I wrote in the corner “Why not write to a neighbour too?”. I hope someone picks up my idea. We’re only ever getting bills and advertising crap in the post these days. Whatever happened to writing to each other? I absolutely love receiving nice post and I’m sure pretty much everyone does. So let’s get out there and spread some love!


Don’t forget: I’ll be revealing what last week’s art post was all about in just two days’ time. Have you cast your vote yet?

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