Day 194 – gender clichés

Today’s “first” was going to be my totally brilliant confetti nail polish, but C. said that didn’t count as I already had a nails “first” once (or, as he put it, “You’ve decorated your nails before!”). I reckon he only said that to get me to agree to the “first” he’d suggested – which couldn’t be more different from doing my nails…

For years now, C. has been nagging me to watch Terminator 2. He got me to watch the first part quite a while ago, but as I didn’t like it much, I didn’t particularly fancy part two… However, C. has been suggesting it time and again and telling people I hadn’t watched it yet (they invariably responded with: “Whaaaaaaaaaat? You haven’t seen that?”).

Well, I finally gave in today. I was certain I’d hate it and only sit through it for the sake of this challenge.


I thought it was great! OK, a bit much action for my liking and quite a few bits that I considered just a tad far-fetched. But it was entertaining, gripping, even funny in parts. I hate to admit it, but I may just have to ask C. if part three is any good… So once again I’m grateful for this challenge as it’s opened my mind to something I would otherwise probably have avoided forever (but I’ll still share a photo of my nails instead of one of Arnie).


Now, if you’re interested, don’t forget to check back tomorrow to find out all about my!

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