Day 195 – foot vs. hand

For the record, before I finally tell you the story between last week’s two paintings, today’s “first” was a girly one that C. will have to accept: I used tinted facial cream for the first time. I’m not a fan of make up, as I always feel like my face is going to start cracking like plaster if I grimace (which I do a lot). The tinted cream did feel much better than that, but it also didn’t cover up as much as make up would have. Oh well, still a nice compromise I think.
Anyway, thank you all for taking part in my paintings poll. I’m happy to announce we have a clear winner: the abstract one. 80% of you preferred it to the other one.

Well, my first that day was painting with my foot. And because the result of that looked nothing like what I’d intended, I then did it again, this time using my hand. So 80% of you consider my foot to paint better than my hand… While I could argue this means I’m amazingly talented with my foot, I suppose it actually just means I should stop painting altogether as even a foot painting is more interesting than what my hand can create. Well, I did ask you… :-/

Anyhow, I do think trying to paint with my foot was a cool “first”. And – although the painting looks nothing like what I had in mind, I was still surprised how well I managed to control my foot (the painting was mainly changed because I wasn’t patient enough to wait for the watercolour to dry before I applied the next bit).


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