Day 180 – summer in a frying pan

What screams summer more than tomatoes? That’s what I thought when I came across a lovely recipe for shakshouka. I’d never even heard of it, but I knew I would love it. So I bought a variety of lovely tomatoes today and told C. he was in for a treat for dinner tonight.

We ended up having quite a heated discussion with some disgusting Pegida supporters this afternoon, so cooking something foreign seemed like a slap in their faces in a way: these xenophobic hate-mongers are missing so many amazing things by closing their minds to other cultures! We certainly enjoyed our North African dinner tonight.

I fried onions, garlic and peppers, seasoned them with harissa and cumin and then added loads of sliced tomatoes (various different kinds make the dish all the more interesting). After that had bubbled away for quite a while, I cracked two eggs into the pan and kept it on medium heat until they had reached the perfect consistency.

What an absolutely fantastic meal! Simple to make (I love one-pot recipes!), full of flavour, low in carbs and calories and yummy beyond belief. It’s traditionally a breakfast dish, but we certainly enjoyed it for dinner too. Not too heavy but filling and satisfying… Whatever you had planned for dinner tomorrow night: scrap your plans and make shakshouka instead!




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