Day 181 – chocolate truffle joke

I thought I’d make yet another new cake for today’s first. And I came across a truly amazing-sounding recipe in a magazine last week: chocolate truffle cake.
Unfortunately, it was a bit of a flop. To be fair, it looked and tasted pretty great, but it just wasn’t a cake. It was just some very fatty chocolate cream. Not that there’s anything wrong with it, but I was looking forward to cake, not an undefined chocolatey mess on my plate.

I should have listened to my in instinct, I suppose, which told me that equal amounts of melted chocolate and whipping cream mixed together wouldn’t turn into a truffle cake in the fridge in eight hours. It was just a thick chocolate cream in a rectangular shape, decorated with cocoa, mascarpone and blackberries. Getting it onto plates was virtually impossible – I ended up having to scrape it off the serving spoon with another spoon. So while this may be great for a severe case of chocolate craving, it’s certainly not something I’d ever serve to complete a posh dinner (which was kind of what I’d hoped for). Has anyone got a similar recipe that actually works?


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