Day 182 – Munich, I love you!

I have no idea why I didn’t do this before, but never mind, I’ve done it now: joined the Munich library.

It’s absolutely brilliant, for twenty euros a year I now get to borrow as many books, DVDs and CDs as I want. The man who I signed up with was really friendly, explaining everything in detail and even specifically showing me the English section because he’d heard me speak English on the phone. I’m definitely going to be a regular there now…


After that happy experience, we went to yet another counter-protest against Pegida, and once again I am so proud of Munich! There were a good thousand of us, shouting over the horrible slogans being spread on the other side of the barrier. The noise was deafening and I’m sure we spoilt the night for some of the people who had come to see their leader, Lutz Bachmann. Well, you’re just not welcome in Munich!

The cool thing about this was, however, that it was the first time I sang Ode to Joy and The International in the middle of Marienplatz, Munich’s central square. There was a guy playing them on his trumpet and as we all joined in, it felt great, singing these meaningful words over the hateful shouting on the other side.

Your magic binds again
What custom has parted
All men become brothers
Where your tender wing lingers.

There was even a clear statement against Pegida outside the Town Hall

What a long day this has been… I’m off to bed now. Starting on the first book I borrowed will have to wait until tomorrow.

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