Day 183 – summer!

Today’s “first” wasn’t too spectacular, but hey… I went to an ice cream place I hadn’t been before. Instead of an ice cream, we had a Campari soda (I suppose that’s a “first” in itself – not having an ice cream at an ice cream place).
So I can’t tell you if the ice cream was any good (although it looked amazing – and huge!). What I can tell you is that service was good, the drinks very reasonably priced and that there is also pizza, toast and other things on the menu. So if you ever find yourself in Giesing station, Eiscafé Verona may be the place to go…

I certainly enjoyed the evening, sitting outside, sipping a cool drink and just generally feeling like somewhere in the south. This summer has to be the best one in a decade. Although I’m not sure if that’s actually true or if I’m just noticing and appreciating the amazing weather more now that I’m not working. Well, that’s going to change soon…

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