Day 184 – water fun

Today’s “first” was two-fold: I went to a swimming bath I’d never been to before and I put armbands on F. and took him swimming in and pool for the first time ever.

The bath (Further Bad, which means bath of the village Furth) was absolutely lovely. A little brook runs through it and the children can play in its water. I presume the water to the pools is actually also supplied by the brook. And all that just twenty minutes from Munich.

You may remember I originally said I’d wear a swimsuit from now on, but I thought I’d give a bikini a try after all today. I felt terribly self conscious at first but realized I’ve kind of got a joker for the first summer: I can simply carry F. around with me so as to cover up my belly.

My little man wasn’t too impressed with the temperature of the water and his armbands were huge so they annoyed him a bit at first (but looked so cute!) but he eventually did get used to it all and quite enjoyed himself. And I loved it, too, as I got quite a lot of cuddles out of it all. Happy mummy!

Unfortunately a massive thunderstorm made us leave after only an hour, but I’m glad I’ve discovered this place now and I’m sure I’ll be going back there when F. is older and can enjoy the water a bit more.


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