Day 185 – higher and higher

I only recently found out that some playgrounds have specific baby swings. We went to one of them today. How exciting!
So after having been on the swings with F. before, today was the first time I pushed him while he was sitting on the swing. He wouldn’t stop squeaking with enjoyment and I just loved him even more than ever before. The way he was grinning at me, seemingly urging me to push him ever higher. And the way he held on to the swing with a surprisingly strong grip when I’d decided it was enough now. Oh, it was just all so lovely.

It’s amazing, really, every time I think no love in the world could possibly be greater than mine for him, he does something that makes me love him even more. If the fact that hearing your baby’s screams of joy on the swing makes you almost cry with happiness isn’t a great reason to have kids then I don’t know what is.


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