Day 190 – Babylonian meditation

I was back on the beach today, once again taking in the endless calm and beauty. The sea was extremely still today, so I tried some skimming… Unfortunately, that’s not one of my fortès, so it seemed better to think of something else to do with all the beautiful flat stones around me.
I started piling them one upon the other, building my first ever stone tower. I always enjoy looking at them when others have left them behind, so creating my own seemed an obvious thing to do, really.

It was wonderfully meditative, finding stones that fitted onto each other perfectly, balancing their edges against each other and watching the tower grow. It took my full concentration and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Whenever I found a stone that fitted better underneath somewhere, I couldn’t just stick it in, but had to rebuild the bit above the new addition. That made it clear how the construction only works as a whole – add or remove one element and you have to alter everything above it. While puzzles tend to annoy me after a while, the tower building was very soothing to me.

After my first successful one, I decided to add a few others to make the overall image look better. However, I was rushing it then and when I got back from fetching my camera, only the first one I’d built was still standing. What a valuable lesson for someone as impatient as me! I wonder if any of my tower will still be standing tomorrow.



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