Day 191 – I can’t do nothing all the time

Just a brief report on today’s “first” as I’m pretty knocked out from a hoooooot day and an amazing – and huge – dinner…

Apart from the fact that I had a main course of a lovely vegetable stew that I’d never had before, I did a voluntary translation today.

It’s for an organization that battles child trafficking that I came across a few weeks ago after I’d cried my eyes out over a documentary about two Ethiopian children who were adopted/bought by a pretty cold-hearted Danish couple. I’ve since made a donation to the aid organisization that’s trying to get the girl, Masho, back in touch with her parents. They then invited me to their Facebook group and I offered my services as a translator should they ever be required.

It’s always great using my profession for something good. I thoroughly enjoyed doing the translation (also the first time ever I’ve done a translation with a lovely view of the sea) and hope there will be more chances for me to help… Above all, however, I hope that Masho and her little brother Roba do eventually get reunited with their parents.

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