Day 193 – holiday “firsts”

Today’s “firsts” aren’t particularly exciting, once again, but they made for a lovely day.
We built F.’s first sand castle (well, sort of – I wasn’t patient enough to wait for the individual levels to dry up a bit, so it actually kept collapsing).

After watching the little man’s first moonrise by the sea, we then had a Greek grandmother teaching us a song that he was supposed to clap along with (he didn’t) and I was quite proud as I had the most coherent conversation I ever had with her in all these years (she doesn’t speak a word of English).

Finally, we went to a little cafĂ© that I hadn’t been to before for after dinner drinks. F. woke up again and I ended up singing to him and slow-dancing in the main street with him. That wasn’t a first as such as I already danced in this street once many years ago when we danced in the rain – one of the best moments that summer, or actually ever. However, it was still the first time I danced with him here and it was a lovely and intense moment. He was snuggling up to me and staring at me tiredly, his eyes full of love for his mummy.

So as you see, my “firsts” are somewhat limited in this small village I’ve known all my life, but while they may be unspectacular in terms of adrenaline and adventure, they are extremely spectacular emotionally…


Oh, I just remembered: today was also the first time C. wrote a love poem for me – on my knee and in Italian! Once again being true to his wedding vow of making my life always happy and never boring. I love that man.



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