Day 195 – party time

Yesterday was a beautiful day. F. had a four-hour (!) nap and I managed to read 100 pages on the beach before I headed back to play with him. When he woke up, he was in a fantastic mood and we had a lovely time with him.
In the evening, we all headed out to a party. It was the first time I attended a thirtieth wedding anniversary party. I also went to a new place for it: the fantastic restaurant The Seagull served wonderful food, had great and friendly service and a great view of the sea and the moon above it.

We met some lovely people and had a brilliant – and late – night, eating, drinking and chatting about everything from politics to the cheesy plastic fairies on the cake. F. enjoyed the attention and the food and finally feel asleep in his pram with a happy little smile on his face. We didn’t get home until about two in the morning and he settled straight into bed with his bottle then. Oh I do enjoy the free lifestyle here on holiday with him. We’ve been out and about with him so much, meeting friends and letting him take part in everything. I wish we could stay for another month!



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