Day 197 – 2/3 mini triathlon

I decided last night to set my alarm for the morning so that instead of having another lie-in (F. has gotten into the holiday mode now and has been letting us sleep until half nine some mornings!), I could get out and enjoy the day.
So when my alarm went off (for the second time – I’m terrible for snoozing), I got dressed, grabbed some water and my phone with headphones and went for a run. My first ever run with a view of the sea. Well, run is quite a big word. I’m so out of practice that it was more of a half run, half walk and only two km as well (the first half was uphill though and it is pretty hot here even in the early morning).

As I felt quite pathetic but also quite flushed when I got back, I decided to jump straight into the sea for a swim. I did half an hour and that felt truly wonderful. The cool water, the beautiful view and the calm of it all – wonderful!

All I’d need now is a bike and it would truly have been my own tiny little triathlon. In fact, that would probably have been a better idea, as I’d really love cycling, whereas running has just never been something I enjoyed.

Nonetheless, I’m pretty proud I did the little bit I did – still better than nothing and much better than what I normally do!



2 thoughts on “Day 197 – 2/3 mini triathlon

    1. Yep, the wind was my welcome excuse for the past two days. But as it has completely died down now, there was absolutely no excuse left :o)
      And in retrospect I’m glad of that.. Now I just have to find an excuse for tomorrow…


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