Day 198 – another day in Paradise

We spent the day in Chaniá today, one of my favourite places in Crete. On the way there, we stopped at an old friend’s house and I introduced her to F. for the first time. It’s always such an emotional moment when he meets people who’ve known me since I was that age. She gave us eggs for him and he played with her granddaughter, who was absolutely smitten with him.

We then drove on to Chaniá, where we strolled around and bought some presents for people back home. That’s another word English is missing: in German, we call presents that you buy someone on holiday or before you travel to see them Mitbringsel (bringwiths). Neither souvenirs nor presents fully covers that. So who’s up for establishing bringwiths in the English language with me?

To complete a perfect day, we had some amazing cake (so rich that one slice was enough for C., F. and me) at a café I’d never been to before before driving back for a lovely dinner and then drinks with old and new friends.

Kreta 2015 650 Kreta 2015 684 Kreta 2015 683

3 thoughts on “Day 198 – another day in Paradise

    1. Ha, you guessed it! Although I’ve actually seen rain in August here once before, today’s first certainly is getting soaked to my bones on the beach from the rain! That was crazy, wasn’t it?

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