Day 199 – you have to try this!

Today, I finally had a “first” again that truly deserves the name…

There’s a crazy ice cream shop in Munich that sells ice cream in all sorts of flavours – salmon, gorgonzola and white sausage are among the weirdest ones. We once tried the white sausage out of curiosity and were disgusted, as it was sweet.

What I thought even then was that I wouldn’t mind savory ice cream. It was just the combination of something savory with the sweetness that made it truly gross.

So when I spotted spicy ice cream with beetroot salad on the menu today, I knew I had to try it. That sounded exactly like what I had in mind when I first heard of the crazy ice cream place. The ice cream today was a lovely sesame colour. It tasted of curry and was pretty spicy even initually, but as it melted in your mouth, the flavours got ever more intense. The bittersweet beetroot complemented it perfectly. This really was one of the best starters I’ve ever had.

I’m tempted to experiment with some savory ice creams before the summer is over. Salmon and dill maybe or beetroot and horseradish?


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