Day 200 – getting doubly soaked on the beach

First of all, let’s marvel at this: DAY TWO HUNDRED!!! I can’t believe I’ve made it this far. And to mark the occasion, today’s “first” made for some pretty nice photos.
We were enjoying our last day at the beach and thinking it was quite good for F. that the sky was a little overcast. Eventually, we did think it was looking rather grey and that we might be in for some rain. But we didn’t anticipate what was about to happen.

After I enjoyed my “first” of getting rained on while swimming in the sea for a while, I decided to get out and stand in the rain on the shore. However, I didn’t do that for very long as it soon seemed as if the world was about to end and we had to hurry to pack our stuff together and race to the car. The rain was really painful against the skin – someone said afterwards that it had actually been hail. Although I had just been in the sea when it started, I am sure I got ten times more soaked by the rain.

There was thunder, torrential rain so bad you could only see a few meters into the distance, and finally a beautiful rainbow over the sea. A local friend told us in the evening that even he’d never seen weather like this in August before. What a powerful “first”! And what a fitting end to the holiday.

Kreta 2015 901 Kreta 2015 904 Kreta 2015 910 Kreta 2015 918 Kreta 2015 923

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