Day 201 – a “first” and a half

As we travelled back home today, I was a bit limited as regards opportunities for “firsts”. Nonetheless, I managed to do one and a half new things. And that’s not even counting the first time I got on the plane in Crete in cooler weather than it was when I got off in Munich!

First of all, I watched Life of Pi on the plane. But as I didn’t see all of it and most of it without sound (F. kept wanting to play with the headphones cable), I’m only counting it as half a “first”. I still loved what I saw though and definitely want to watch it again with sound some time soon.

Kreta 2015 013

As my full “first”, I kept F. in the baby carrier almost all night at a party. We take him out a lot and he absolutely loves being spoilt by everyone at parties. When he gets tired, we usually let him sleep in the car seat or the pram. Tonight, however, we didn’t have either of them with us as the friends whose party it was live on the third floor without a lift and without parking opportunities nearby.

So when F. got tired after a while, I strapped him tightly into the baby carrier and bopped up and down for most of the rest of the evening. He slept soundly in there for hours, snuggling up to me and holding on to the baby carrier with his beautiful little hand. People often give me funny looks if I’m out with a baby after sundown, but in my opinion it’s not doing him any harm. He’s close to C. and me, he can hear happy voices and laughter and – in today’s case – gets to cuddle his mum.

Some of my own best childhood memories are falling asleep at parties, being carried to the car half asleep and listening to my parents and their music on the way home, knowing I didn’t have to do anything once we got there. Then being picked up again and carried to bed. Does it get any more perfect?

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