Day 202 – second time lucky

I was sitting on the sofa earlier, almost falling asleep but unable to go to bed as I hadn’t had a “first” for today yet. That gave me an idea for a new thing to do – which I did and will probably end up regretting for the rest of the night…
Although I love Greek coffee, I’d never thought of making it myself. I usually only drink it in Greece and return to espresso once I’m back here. This is proper Greek coffee I’m talking about, not frappé. Frappé is one of my biggest weaknesses and something I can’t live without in the summer, so I’ve made plenty of that. But somehow I’d never thought of making the other kind.

Well, we’d brought back a bag of proper coffee powder this time, so I wanted to give it a try. Or two tries, to be precise. I knew you take about a teaspoon of coffee powder per cup and I knew that the coffee should be brought to the boil three times in a row to yield a perfect result. What I had forgotten, however, is how tiny our teaspoons are. So the first coffee ended up so thin F. would probably have drank it (not least because I also somewhat misjudged the amount of sugar needed and ended up with a glykós (sweet) rather than métrios (medium sweet) coffee…

I thus decided to try again, and lo and behold: twice the amount of coffee powder and half the amount of sugar made for a lovely, creamy and not too sweet coffee. And above all, there is so much to be said for the way the drink is prepared – rather than just press a button on a machine, I stirred and pulled the pot off the heat, stirred and pulled, stirred and pulled. I will definitely have this instead of espresso every once in a while now, to cure the heartache I feel whenever I come back from Crete and realize it is much too long until the next trip there (much too long meaning anything more than about a fortnight).

In fact, I think my Greek word for the day (I’m intending to learn a new word every day over the next year, as a lovely lady in a shop in Chaniá suggested) will be homesickness…

Note the blue and white cup!

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