Day 204 – an evening on the beach

Although I’m back in Munich, I spent the evening in a beach bar! Complete with sand and sun loungers…
I’d seen Praterstrand from across the river once before and knew I had to go there. It looked so summery and relaxing, with beautiful lights and huge parasols.

Thus, I was really happy when I was invited to a meeting there. We sat at a table, not on loungers, unfortunately, but I could still feel the sand under my feet and see the river flow by below. Service was good, the drinks menu offered a very wide range of refreshments and the food looked gorgeous too. So if you’re ever in Munich and looking for something a bit special, this is the place to go.


The meeting, by the way, was of a group of volunteers called Abendesser Connection who organize dinners shared by a local and someone who’s not originally from Germany at either one’s house. I consider this a wonderful opportunity for people who are new to Munich and Germany to get to know some people and for Germans to find out about other cultures. So for any of you living in Munich: sign up now and experience something new!


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