Days 207 and 208 – love is in the air

We’ve just come back from a wonderful weekend at a friend’s wedding.

Friday was the wedding itself, so my “first” that day was the location that I’d never been to and also simply the amazing and beautiful fact that I was able to attend her wedding. What a fantastic day!

Yesterday, we then spent the day together with the bride and groom, or now husband and wife (which makes me wonder: why does the order in which we name the two change when they are married? It’s the same in German, too…). After a brilliant guided tour through Nuremberg, we went into a water maze!

It’s basically a fountain made up of individual sections separated by walls of water. Some of the walls come down sometimes, enabling you to move on to the next section until you finally manage to get out  (or you just wait for the cycle to end, at which point the whole fountain briefly turns off). We didn’t stay in too long as it did get pretty wet and unfortunately the weather had just turned a bit cooler. Nonetheless, it was a fun experience and a pretty cool feeling, being surrounded by walls of water. A great way of fulfilling my lifelong dream of running t jg rough a fountain but not getting completely soaked.




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