Day 210 – completion

After a yummy dinner of a new soup tonight, I completed the second half of the “first” I only counted as half a one the other week.

I made a pea and potato soup with something called Klümpe inside. It’s a specialty from Lower Saxony, apparently, that I’d never heard of before I googled some recipes tonight to find something new I could cook.

I haven’t been able to find out what the word means exactly. It sounds like it means “lumps” to my Southern ears, but I might be completely wrong. I can tell you what it is though: basically small dumplings of pasta dough (egg, water and flour seasoned with salt and nutmeg) cooked freshly in the soup. Very quick to make from stuff that’s always in the house, very yummy and lovely comfort food.

The whole dish had something very German to it, in my eyes (and I didn’t even add the frankfurters the recipe had called for). Not long till the days will be getting shorter and colder again and it’ll be time for lots of soup – so I’m glad I discovered this recipe just in time. It will be one of my regulars this autumn and winter!


As I said, after dinner we then completed a recent “semi-first”: we watched Life of Pi with sound and in its entirety. What an utterly amazing film! I can’t wait to watch it again soon…

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