Day 211 – holidaying at home

I’ve got a week left of maternity leave so I’m trying to make the most of it, treating it like a holiday.

The weather hasn’t been as amazing anymore lately and I’ve been enjoying some of what Munich’s got to offer indoors rather than hanging around in parks and beergardens as I feel I like did for most of June and July.

Today, we saw an amazing exhibition of Etruscan artifacts at the Antikensammlung museum in Königsplatz. I was stunned by the sheer amount of incredibly well-preserved figurines, pieces of jewellery and everyday items they had on display. More than two millenia after they were made, these items are still more beautiful and delicate than I could ever imagine. Some pieces of jewellery showed details so tiny and perfect that it was virtually impossible to imagine how they survived all this time.


After the museum, we treated ourselves to some wonderful cake (my first ever Mississippi Mud Pie) at the Victorian House in Alte Pinakothek. I’d always wanted to go to one of the Victorian House tea houses and finally managed to today. It was pretty much as I’d imagined: a wonderfully wide range of teas and cakes in a beautiful environment. And the Mississippi Mud Pie was too good to be true as well. The only problem with it was that C. and I had stupidly decided to share a slice and he kept animating me to talk by asking questions that required an elaborate reply, so that I feel I got the shorter end of the stick. But then I always do when sharing cake. Anything less than a full slice just doesn’t make sense, if you ask me…

To round the day off, I had a yummy Chinese bean sprout salad for tea. It was ever so slightly reminiscent of kimchi, slightly spicy, crunchy and juicy. Definitely another one to remember!

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