Day 212 – blind dinner

What an evening this has been! This has to be one of my favourite “firsts” yet.

Quite a while ago, I signed us up for Abendesser Connection (dinner eaters’ connection), a wonderful new initiative that brings together locals and people from elsewhere at private dinners.

Tonight, we had our first guest through that initiative. We learned a lot about Syria, laughed and shared stories and even cried a little. All that accompanied by some Hungarian goulash and a French chocolate mousse for dessert – not to mention the Italian wine and Russian vodka. That’s how I like it! So many different regional influences at one table. Just perfect!


Not long ago, certain politicians in Germany proclaimed that “multiculturalism [in Germany] has failed”. After a fantastic evening like this, I can confirm once again that it most certain has not! We spoke German and English, taught each other phrases in various languages (including the Arabic equivalent of “Mi casa es su casa!” -“Baïti baïtak“) and practiced the pronunciation of each other’s names (apparently imagining that someone is trying to strangle you can help correctly pronounce an Arabic “a”).

And once again, I am left to wonder how anyone can begrudge a refugee anything. How can anybody think that people would leave everything behind, risking their lives along the way, if they didn’t feel compelled by life-threating reasons to do so? We were lucky in this part of the world to have been born in peace and prosperity. That should make us feel humble and grateful!


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