Day 214 – why in the world did I do this?

I don’t know why I did today’s “first”, but I did it anyway. And then I did it again and again because the first two attempts were absolutely disastrous.

I’d read instructions on how to make a cuddly strawberry in a parents magazine. While I admit this sounds kind of pointless, the strawberries looked great and I just had to try making my own.


After a lot of cutting, gluing and wrapping, I ended up with this:


Fair enough, I thought, looking good so far. Unfortunately, after I’d cut it open into what was supposed to become the strawberry, all I ended up with was loose bits of wool all over the place. So I tried again and held the ends together tightly as I cut the wool. It was a bit more promising this time and after a lot of emergency wrapping, I ended up with this:


Still looked nothing like the photo though, and as I’m not one to give up easily, I googled ideas on how to make these kind of things. Turns out I would have needed a string below the cardboard to use for tying the ends up all along. Now that made sense, so I decided to really give it a third try. And while it’s still far from perfect, I’m quite happy with the result this time.


So while I still have no clue why I did this as today’s “first”, at least F. now has a fluffy strawberry to play with (or rather to pull apart).

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